No pallet required

TELLAP is a sustainable pallet free packaging solution that replaces the troublesome wood pallet and bulk bag.

Comprised of a big bag (FIBC) with two integrated sleeves TELLAP is raised from the base by a standard forklift. The sleeves hold the bag fabric open for a forklift’s tines. No pallet is required.

TELLAP is designed to increase safety, efficiency and productivity whilst lowering your operational and transport costs.


Safe, robust  and stable when storing and transporting dry granular products TELLAP’s stability increases both worker and workplace safety.

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Dramatic operational and transport savings, less product damage, less equipment damage and lower administration costs.

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Lighter, safer and greener than competitors TELLAP has a small environmental footprint saving precious resources.

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TELLAP contains no nails or splinters, is impervious to liquids and is never treated with pesticides or fungicides.

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Why Tellap?

Increased safety, lower costs, less damage, improved hygiene and sustainability it all comes with TELLAP.

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Compare your current logistic costs versus changing to TELLAP pallet free bulk bags.

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